With us you
really swim.

We use our experience and knowledge exclusively for you. Take our word for it - whether by phone or in person - we are always there for you.

With us you get your
orders at the right time.

To ensure the best care, we have centralised our location and built our own intra-factory-transport.

With us you
are well advised.

For serious problems we do not have any fixed office hours because our priority is to help on a partnership basis.


Nature as a model.

Experience & competence

We can look back on over 45 years of experience. Our "Flamingo" product range offers you high-quality water treatment agents to ensure swimming pool water gives pure enjoyment without unnecessary wastage.

Commitment & opportunity

For us, environmental protection is both a duty and an opportunity at the same time. This also includes developing innovative products and recycling small PE packaging, as well as re-using large empty drums in the packing cycle.

Seminars & conferences

Since we started our work, we have held conferences and seminars in various German towns. This offers an opportunity for an exchange of information, for discussion and often to solve problems as well.



Water is life

We know about the sensitive hydrological cycle and its tremendous importance to our lives. Our mission is to provide and market high-quality water treatment and filtering agents that are stressless for the hydrological cycle and don't waste water.

Due to the constant development of our products and our steady know-how, which we have built in over 45 years,
we see ourselves as a competent as well as a responsible partner at our customers' side.

The companie of the Flamingo FWT GMBH are producers and wholesalers. Since 1997 we are also partners
of Chemviron France SAS, for diatomite and perlite. Use our knowledge.
Pure water. Pure pleasure. - Welcome to the Flamingo FWT GmbH.






Sales and service In the sales center of the Flamingo FWT GmbH
everything comes together.

LogisticsReliable logistics from A to B thus our products can work where they are needed.
QualityIn our own laboratory we provide with samples from ongoing projects, the quality of our products.

Welcometo the Flamingo FWT GmbH in Langula / Thuringia.

The FWT employees work in specialized areas of production, shipping and distribution.