Water-treatment agents

Pure water,
pure pleasure.

With the cleaners and water treatment agents of Flamingo® you prepare your swimming pool and drinking water again pure joy.


filtration agents


Flamingo filtration agents have an excellent reputation for their use in various areas of application.


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Numerous water treatment products are always
in stock and are available on request " just in time" for you.


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We use our experience and knowledge exclusively for you. Take us at our word - either by phone or in a face-to-face discussion - we are always there for you.



the programm.

Get inforamtion about our high quality water-purification agents.


The Flamingo FWT GmbH

Nature as a model - Flamingo FWT GmbH. With the knowledge of natural filters. With respect to the water resource. We know about the sensitive hydrological cycle and its tremendous importance to our lives.

Our mission is to provide and market high-quality water treatment and filtering agents that are stressless for the hydrological cycle and don't waste water. Due to the constant development of our products and our steady know-how, which we have built in over 40 years, we see ourselves as a competent as well as a responsible partner at our customers' side.