Flamingo filter aids have an excellent
reputation in use in various fields.

Filtration agents

Whether if in the industry or in the food-processing trade they are the first choice. Our proven filtration agents make sure that you can guarantee a qualitative and quantitative filtration process and prevent solids from blocking the filter or contaminating the filtrate.


Diatomites are single-cell brown algae whose cell membrane has the property of binding silicic acid present in water. They form a kind of armour, or so-called frustules, consisting of amorphous silicic acid containing water, similar to opal. This siliceous armour, whose size varies between 5 and 40 microns, comes in different forms. More than 10,000 types or shapes of diatomites have been identified. When the organism dies, the siliceous armour remains intact. On certain sea beds and in some lakes where the water contains silicic acid, proliferation can be so great that substantial deposits are formed, so that following fossilisation a light and very porous sedimentary rock is created: diatomite, also known as diatomaceous earth, which is the raw material for Puricel®.


On account of their very high porosity, diatomite which are extracted from mines contain 60–70% water. After crushing, the rock is dried, finely ground and freed from contaminants, resulting in the production of a powdery material. This powder is heated in an oven to between 800 and 1200°C. As a result of calcination at these temperatures the organic contamination is eliminated and the diatomite are baked together through bridging, but do not lose their porosity. And following calcination/activation with the aid of a fluxing agent, larger particles are produced with a white colour. After cooling, the product is ground and graded, in order to achieve certain grain distributions, depending upon the destined application. Filtration agents are produced in works which are certified to ISO 9000. They are strictly controlled at every stage of production, from the raw material through to the end product. Each pallet is equiv





The Flex-Container is a special highlight in our range of products. This container change system is the all-in-one solution for integration in your system. Directly filled at our facility, the Flex-Container is delivered to you and directly connected to your dosing system. Besides, this whole process is without any dust emission – nonhazardous for personnel and environment. Our Flex-Container-system can be adapted individually. Handling, logistics, filling and control are processed firsthand.

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Application areas:

Metalworking industry

Filtration of liquid coolants and lubricants
for tools and rolling-mill components.

Chemical industry

Filtration of intermediate compounds in
organic and inorganic chemistry.

Pharmaceutical industry

Filtration of active substances,
especially antibiotics.

Food industry

Filtration after fermentation or production/purification
of animal or vegetable substances.


Clarification of beer in order to eliminate residual fermentation
yeast and organic and protein compounds.


Rinsing of must on a rotary filter, filtration after tartar
deposition and clarification before bottling.