Filtration agents

Specifications & Characteristics

Various types of diatomite:

Diatomite Fine

Color: rosa
Method: calcinated
Relative flow-rate: 1µm
Permeability: 0,03 - 0,5

Diatomite Medium
Color: white
Method: calcinated activated
Relative flow-rate: 3µm
Permeability: 0,85 - 5

Diatomite Coarse
Color: white
Method: calcinated activated
Relative flow-rate: 7µm
Permeability: 5 - 18



Flow diagram of pre-coating

Wet density – This value expresses the density of a wet diatomite film cake during filtration. It enables the thickness of the diatomite layers on the filter material to be calculated. The rule applying to filter aids is that the lower the wet density, the larger are the cavity volumes available in the cake to remove impurities.


This is the ability of a material to allow a medium to flow through it under very precisely specified conditions. The unit of permeability is the darcy. This value is determined using a permeameter by allowing a liquid at constant pressure to flow through a diatomite filter cake. The manufacturer has patented a permeameter that determines accurate, reproducible results and enables operating errors to be avoided by simple handling.

Schemata of apportioning