Cleaning & Hygiene

Cleaning agents alkaline

With cleaners from the Ranisan range, disturbing organic soiling such as oils and greases are removed. Flamingo® Ranisan cleaners are suitable for cleaning swimming pools, pool surroundings and sanitary areas and their material compatibility with ceramic coverings has been confirmed by tile layers’ association (Säurefliesner Vereinigung) (RK-listed).

Product Description
Ranisan HD alkaline basic and maintenance cleaner for tiles and foil pools, phosphate-free
Ranisan Gel alkaline special cleaner for pool heads and vertical surfaces of tiles and foil pools, phosphate-free
Ranisan Foam commercial alkaline foam cleaner for Flamingo® Foam Kit
Ranisan NAK strongly alkaline special cleaner, also dissolves lime deposits, phosphate-free
Flamingo® Beckenrandreiniger     Pool edge cleaner, alkaline special cleaner with spray head, phosphate-free
Ranisan UF CIP alkaline special cleaner for intensive chemical cleaning of ultrafiltration modules
Ranisan Spa alkaline liquid cleaner for cartridge filters