Hygiene for

To ensure the unimpaired well-being of pool guests and personnel, regular and basic cleaning is essential. Flamingo® cleaners from our various product ranges help to optimise the hygiene parameters.

Cleaning & Hygiene

Product Overview

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Cleaning agents acidic

Basic and maintenance cleaners from the K-Reiniger range can be used to remove undesirable limescale...

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Cleaning agents neutral

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Cleaning agents alkaline

With cleaners from the Ranisan range, disturbing organic soiling such as oils and greases are...

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Stainless steel cleaners

With cleaners from the Inoxsan series disturbing lime deposits are removed. Flamingo® Inoxsan...

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Flamingo® DES is suitable for surface disinfection. Mikorzid Sensitive Liquid is used as a quick...

Cleaning agents for...

The cleaners in the Flamingo® Gastro & Hotel series have been specially developed for...

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Skin care

To preserve the natural protective mechanisms and health of the skin, it is important to clean and...