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Emulsions for steam bath

Steam baths have a humidity of 100% and give off a pleasant, soft heat. For support the relaxing activity, you use the steam bath fragrances. For example, they can clear the airways and activates the skin blood flow.

Flamingo® steam bath naturelle and eco are liquid emulsions for automatic batchers. We don't use emulsifiers.

Steam bath emulsion naturelle stands for more exclusive demand. These emulsions are made with oils of pure botanical origin and alcohol (solubilizer).

Steam bath emulsion eco stands for an optimal cost effectiveness. These emulsions are made with nature-identical oils and alcohol (solubilizer).

Enjoy an exceptional steam bath experience with emulsions from "Flamingo".

Steam bath emulsion naturelle
Plant Fruit  Wellness
- noble fir
- ice-mint
- eucalyptus
- japanese medicinal plant
- camomille
- montain pine
- lavender
- nordic spruce
- rosemary
- lemon balm

- bergamot
- blood orange
- fruit
- grapefruit
- lemon grass
- lime
- tangerine
- orange
- lemon

- iceberg
- fresh forest
- spring
- snowflake
- christmas
- ying yang
- cinnamon

Steam bath emulsion eco
Plant Fruit Wellness
- peppermint - green apple
- strawberry
- green lime
- gummi bear
- ibiza sunrise
- cherry
- mango
- pineapple
- herbs of the alpes
- honey
- honey-herbs
- plum brandy
- waterworld